Job title: Quality Manager
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Automotive Product Development
Expertise: Engineering - Production
Salary from: JPY ¥8,000,000,000
Salary to: JPY ¥10,000,000,000
Location: 工場, 埼玉県 (Saitama)
Job published: 2021-11-14
Job ID: 33607

Job Description

【Job Summary 業務概要】

Product quality means having the value and performance that customers expect from the company's products. In this position, in order to improve not only the product quality of the company but also customer satisfaction, we will work on the business as a cross-functional team including domestic and overseas, including manufacturing, development, production technology, production control, purchasing department, etc. I will go. In addition, the position has full authority to stop production in the event of an error such as a product defect, and is responsible for safety confirmation and product countermeasures for the customer. We welcome those who have a strong will and conviction that will not move anything.




【Job Details 業務内容】

  • Continuously improve the quality of our products in collaboration with related departments within the company
  • Performs management and supervision of quality control operations related to process improvement and management.
  • Has management and supervision authority for supplier quality control, and aims to improve product quality together with on-site and domestic suppliers.
  • When a problem occurs, we support quick problem solving through the correct reporting process. Incorporate quality tools to ensure the application of quality procedures in specialized departments
  • Management / supervision: ISO9001, process / product audit, BIQ internal audit activities, customer audit response, his QE support to local organizations, health and safety management, work rules and internal safety rules, etc.
  • Corrective action management response: Ensuring effective CAR management
  • P-FMEA: Interact to process FMEA and drive RPN reduction
  • Ensure a systematic implementation of PPAP requirements (and / or customer details)
  • Guarantee analysis
  • Product Improvements: Provide feedback to development and production departments on key product-related aspects / parameters
  • Performance-related tasks: Lead and perform performance and development overview (PDS), compensation planning (GCP)
  • Annual budget management
  • Team management: 12 people


  • 社内関係部門と連携を行い、弊社製品に対する品質を継続的に改善
  • プロセス改善と管理に関連し、品質管理業務の管理、監督を遂行。
  • サプライヤ品質管理について管理、監督権限をもち、現場や国内のサプライヤ様と共に製品の品質向上を目指す
  • 問題などが発生した場合、正しい報告プロセスなどを通じ、迅速な問題解決をサポート。品質ツールを組み込み、専門部門での品質手順の適用を保証する
  • 管理/監督業務:ISO9001、プロセス/製品監査、BIQ 内部監査活動、顧客監査対応、地域組織への QE サポート、安全衛生管理、作業規則や内部安全規則など
  • 是正措置管理対応:効果的な CAR 管理を確保
  • P-FMEA:FMEA を処理するために相互作用し、RPN の削減を推進
  • PPAP 要件(および/またはお客様の詳細)の体系的な実装を確保します
  • 保証分析
  • 製品の改善:製品に関連する重要な側面/パラメーターについて、開発や生産関連部門にフィードバックを提供する
  • パフォーマンス関連業務:パフォーマンスと開発の概要(PDS)、報酬計画(GCP)を主導し、遂行
  • 年間予算管理
  • チームマネジメント:部下11名、合計12名のチームを統率




・自動車業界での品質保証業務とお客様対応のご経験(5 年以上)





・IATF16949 または ISO9001 の知識

・SixSigma Green Belt 資格歓迎


* Please be advised that if you do not currently reside or have permission to work in the Japan region, we reserve the right not to proceed.

** Please also be advised that if you clearly do not meet the requirements of the position, we reserve the right not to proceed although consultants will always endeavor to consider your profile for other positions.


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