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Company: 外資大手部品メーカー


You will be joining a Fortune 500 American global automotive electronics supplier which is poised for growth, with large backlog of business and a growing base of top-tier OEM customers. You will take responsible to lead Functional Safety Engineers team, recruit, on-board and mentor team members. 


- Analyze impact of ISO26262 and create Functional Safety awareness across departments.
- Performs safety management activities for Electronics projects.
- Stay current with both standards and technical solutions for implementation and functional safety validation.
- Recruit, on-board and mentor team members to FS team.


- ISO 26262 and/or IEC 61508 standard experience.
- Experience of product safety design.
- Experience with functional safety processes and solutions
- Embedded System and Software architecture expertise. 

Attractive Points

Average age 30s / 平均年齢30代, Management Position/ 管理職・マネジメント採用, Make use of languages / 英語・中国語など語学を活かす

- An inclusive and supportive organizational culture that values employee well-being.
- Impact the future of society through a company that is advancing safer, more automated mobility and a seamless user experience.
- Supports youth and environmental programs through donations, fundraising and employee volunteer efforts

所在地: 日本本社 | 横浜 (Yokohama)
案件種類: Permanent
雇用形態: Full-time
最低給与: JPY ¥11,000,000
最高給与: JPY ¥14,000,000



Company: 外資部品メーカー 


The PM helps Mining/Construction customers maximize the value by understanding customer problems and figuring out how to best create business impact and will work with customers/partners to manage accounts from pre-sales, proof of concept, installation, maintenance/support. This requires a deep understanding of the customer environment as a guide to technical direction, and relationship development, between customers, partners, HQ and regional teams. 


●    While managing the customer project/program with major clients, develop a deep understanding of industry, customers, goals, organization, and strategies, evaluating systems and processes, while identifying improvement needs
●    Sheppard accounts through the proof-of-concept stage, converting to ongoing contracts
●    Conceptualize and develop solutions based on project requirements and industry standards/regulations
●    Develop and maintain relationships with key accounts and partners, be the technical liaison for all issues and questions
●    Working with both channel partners and R&D, the PM will be a key member of the customer support and issue resolution team
●    Lead quotes, tender submissions and presentations for new and existing customers
●    Managing the delivery of the contract with major clients; maintaining a good understanding of both the technical and commercial expectations
●    Plan, forecast, execute and report on sales activities; strive to exceed quota requirements
●    Develop and guide other members (e.g. customers, partners, internal teams), while guiding direction for each account
●    Represent the company in the region: attend industry events and exhibitions, communicate with thought leaders and influencers, etc.
●    Be a liaison to the implementation teams during operational setup


●    5+ years of experience in supporting complex solutions (HW & SW) to mining or construction companies.
●    Business-level English/Japanese communication skills required.
●    Demonstrated experience with tender submissions in the mining or construction industry, ideally related to hardware or software products for mobile equipment, technical services, FMS, or machine guidance.
●    Proven program/project management experience in managing complicated ecosystems with multiple influencers, decision-makers, and other stakeholders.
●    Ability to work in a highly dynamic work environment.
●    Experience in Autonomous driving technology is desirable.
●    Bachelor’s degree in engineering is preferred. 

Attractive Points

Foreign capital company / 外資系企業, Make use of languages / 英語・中国語など語学を活かす, Global Mobility / 海外転勤あり

所在地: 日本本社 | 東京23区 (Tokyo)
案件種類: Permanent
雇用形態: Full-time
最低給与: JPY ¥11,000,000
最高給与: JPY ¥13,000,000



Company: 外資部品メーカー


Reporting to the Quality Manager and working together in a team, dedicated to customer quality related issues originating from product defects after mass production and working to find the root cause and effective countermeasures. 


- Understand customer's quality manuals, procedures, specifications, testing methods.
- Assist internal teams with quality, testing and validation.
- Develop and negotiate customer inspection standards and educate customer with company internal standards and capabilities.
- Make reports.


- Technical / Scientific degree required.
- Customer quality experience with Japanese auto manufactures.
- Reporting and analysis skills.
- Bilingual - Japanese and English required. 

Attractive Points

Average age 30s / 平均年齢30代, Make use of languages / 英語・中国語など語学を活かす

- High quality products due to strong in-house development and manufacturing capabilities
- Strong revenue from Japanese OEMs making the Japan Office very important in the Global Organization

所在地: 日本本社|東京23区
案件種類: Permanent
雇用形態: Full-time
最低給与: JPY ¥4,500,000
最高給与: JPY ¥9,000,000



Company: 外資大手部品メーカー


Join a highly respected international Tier 1 supplier to support their operations from a quality engineering perspective through understanding the voice of the customer and coordinate and present corrective actions to increase customer satisfaction.

It is a role which will leverage your engineering knowledge, creative thinking and organizational skills to create strong customer relationships through improving the quality of the firm's manufactured products. 


- Track and report status of open issues to operations management, program management and central quality operations.
- Coordinate and present corrective action presentations to customer assembly plants as well as their customer
engineering centers.
- Support to maintain constant communication with original equipment manufacturer customers to obtain realtime “Voice of the customer” feedback.
- Manage/coordinate actions for improvement.
- Assist with customer quality, lead initial reject responses as well as third party containment activities.
- Provide updates to customers on containment activities, product return investigations.
- Ensure to provide onsite customer technical support for issues pertaining to fit, finish or operating performance of seat belt, airbag, steering wheel system.
- Initiate problem-solving activity (8-D) deliverables between assembly plants and engineering center.
- Conduct internal quality systems/line walk audits prior to initial launch and SOP for new programs.
- Provide constructive feedback and technical insight to drive effective corrective actions.
- Assist with the development of new program APQP documents using direct “voice of the customer” feedback
of quality concerns from current production products.
- Provide onsite support at Customer Plant during launch. Perform other task and assignments as required.


• Basic knowledge of project management.
• Technical Product Knowledge
• Logical manner communication skill in Japanese and English as well.
• Capture what the customer expects and break down into specific actions.
• Managing multiple priorities with capability of risk management.
• Persuasion and negotiation skill.
• Excellent customer liaison/contact experience is required to be successful. 

Attractive Points

Foreign capital company / 外資系企業, Make use of languages / 英語・中国語など語学を活かす, Global Mobility / 海外転勤あり, Mid-career more than half / 中途入社50%以上

Fair corporate environment and great benefits
Career mobility and hybrid working conditions

所在地: 日本本社| 神奈川県 (Kanagawa)
案件種類: Permanent
雇用形態: Full-time
最低給与: JPY ¥6,000,000
最高給与: JPY ¥8,000,000


  • Coordinate and update system function test plan according to customer specification and software maturity and project status
  • System use case data base or customer acceptance test check list
  • Set up test environment such as Test bench and manage test sample configuration
  • Evaluate/Validate System functions on test bench or vehicle at customer or Company test course before each customer deliveries
  • Trouble shooting and Customer support for system / Software issues
  • Document test results and review results with project team


  • Fluent in Japanese
  • Engineering studies
  • Good communication skills for English and Japanese
  • Engineering experience in electronic or automotive business for at least 3 years
  • Basic hardware and software know-how


所在地: 日本本社 | 横浜 (Yokohama)
案件種類: Permanent
雇用形態: Full-time
最低給与: JPY ¥8,000,000
最高給与: JPY ¥10,000,000


• Installing various systems on evaluation and development vehicles.

• Performing and supervising test drives on an open road and test tracks.

• Testing performance and quality of the vision system.

• Supporting system integration efforts with deep "bits and bytes" understanding of the entire system.

• Providing expert support and training for the engineering teams on site.

• The position includes office work, support at vehicle production lines and integration facilities.

• Tasks also include long test drives and travel to additional countries.


Desired Background

• Degree in a scientific field or engineering

• Valid driving license

• Native in Japanese, fluent in English and good communication skills

• Background in hardware or software development - advantage


所在地: 日本本社 | 東京23区 (Tokyo)
案件種類: Permanent
雇用形態: Full-time
最低給与: JPY ¥6,000,000
最高給与: JPY ¥10,000,000


· Support the maintenance of the test cars and the test benches in terms of hardware and software update. This includes solving and troubleshooting of technical problems in alignment with experts in Japan, Germany and China



- Conduct and coordinate the test-activities of online functions for connected infotainment systems for the whole company in the Japanese market, including generation and alignment of test specification.

- Ensuring proper test coverage of the specified functions together with the test management.

- Work with international partner companies in Germany, UK and China, including self- driven improvement of processes

- Generate project status reports for numerous projects, accompanying specification reviews together with functional owners and testers

- Progress tracking of suppliers and customers development by means of feature testing on test benches and in cars

- Assessment of errors in the infotainment systems and prioritization of errors, including the definition of countermeasures and improvements, together with suppliers and internal development experts



- Bachelors in electrical, communication, software or computer engineering or equivalent

- Working experience in the area of software development, function testing, application engineering or technical support is mandatory.

- Preferred experience in automotive or mobile especially regarding online connectivity units and infotainment systems.

- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

- Strong team and communication skills / Organization skills like reporting, documentation and error-management

- Native level of Japanese and business level of English mandatory; German is a plus

- Driver’s license and willingness to travel


所在地: 日本本社 | 東京23区 (Tokyo)
案件種類: Permanent
雇用形態: Full-time
最低給与: JPY ¥5,000,000
最高給与: JPY ¥8,000,000


・Consider and develop test environment to verify and validate the behavior of self-driving vehicles and software

・Create test cases for each test environment to verify and validate the behavior of self-driving vehicles and software

・Organize the test execution according to the planned schedule

・Analyze test results to identify the issues and notify the identified issues to self-driving software developers according to the defined issue reporting process

・Support the interaction between test engineers and self-driving software developers.

・As necessary, participate in the test execution


・A Bachelor's degree in software, electrical, mechanical, mechatronics, industrial, aerospace or equivalent engineering field.

・3+ years of experience in testing, troubleshooting and debugging complex physical and software systems

・Experience with self-driving, automated trains, advanced driver-assistance systems, or similar automated or autonomous systems

・Ability to think at the system level

・Understanding of the V&V requirements of safety standards such as IEC 61508 and ISO 26262

・Ability to communicate at a technical level in both English and Japanese

Attractive Points

・日本で No1 の資金調達を実施し、潤沢な資金を持っている。



所在地: グローバル本社 | 東京23区 (Tokyo)
案件種類: Permanent
雇用形態: Full-time
最低給与: JPY ¥7,000,000
最高給与: JPY ¥10,000,000


SIL/HIL テスト環境の構築

SIL/HIL テスト環境に係る顧客対応



運転支援システムの HILS シミュレーションテストシステムの操作によるテスト実行、テストログ分






2 年以上のソフトウェアデザインや開発、テスト業務経験

2 年以上の C++または Python プログラミング経験



HIL テストベンチ構築や車両力学モデリング、障害物検知シナリオにおけるセンサー機能の確認など、


ソフトウェア開発ライフサイクル、最新のソフトウェア/システム テスト手法、継続的インテグレーシ


英語を使ったエンジニア業務経験 (話す・書く・読む)




ベクターテストツール(CANoe, vTestStudio, CANape, CANalyzer など)の利用経験

CAN プロトコルの実務レベルでの理解



Linux 利用経験


所在地: 日本支社 | 横浜 (Yokohama)
案件種類: Permanent
雇用形態: Full-time
給与: 交渉可


EPS は全自動運転技術のコア技術です。開発や生産について海外 を拠点としているため、グローバルな環境で働くことができます。 JOEM にとっての将来の技術パートナーになるために、ぜひあなたと一緒に働きたいと思っております




■Python-based(パイソン言語)でのテストケース、及び Matlab での CAN モデル作成


■SystemHIL や他の台上実験装置による EPS 性能の実験評価実施、及び報告書作成








■Python-based での実験環境の 2 年以上の実務経験

■S/W やシステム実験の 2 年以上の実務経験


■日本語: N2 以上

■ 英語: TOEIC 650 以上



■dSpace ControlDesk, dSpace Automation Desk または類似システムでの業務経験(preferable skill)自動車業界、ステアリングシステム或いは車両技術の知識(preferable skill)


所在地: 日本支社 | 横浜 (Yokohama)
案件種類: Permanent
雇用形態: Full-time
最低給与: JPY ¥7,000,000
最高給与: JPY ¥10,000,000