案件名: Accounting (Assistant) Manager | 経理(アシスタント)マネージャー
案件種類: Permanent
雇用形態: Full-time
業界: Automotive Retail
専門: Back Office | Accounting & Finance
最低給与: JPY ¥6,000,000
最高給与: JPY ¥9,000,000
所在地: 日本本社 | 横浜 (Yokohama)
掲載済み案件: 2022-03-02
案件ID: 33791



Join one of the most famous automotive dealer groups in Japan as Accounting Manager or Assistant Manager (depending on experience) to support the operation of several of their individual companies as well as the adjusting financial results to US-GAAP and IFRS compliance to report to global HQ.

Reporting to the GM and Deputy GM of the Accounting Department and involved with communicating with Global in English the role will help deepen your career in accounting and finance on a global basis.

You would be working in an environment requiring both fluency in Japanese and English to ensure smooth communication with accounting and tax teams in the US and the internal auditing team in Australia.







  • Responsible for monthly, quarterly and annual closing operations, including non-consolidated and consolidated closing operations and taxation, handling auditors and tax effect accounting.
  • Providing appropriate information and proposals to Japanese and U.S. management from an accounting perspective.
  • To simplify and speed up the accounting department's closing process with high accuracy, so that enhance transformation to focus on analysis and advisory services to each brand.
  • In preparing the consolidated financial statements at the end of the quarter and the end of the fiscal year, practical procedures specific to consolidation (e.g., elimination of intra-group transactions, offsetting of receivables and payables, elimination of investments and equity, etc.) are used.
  • Lead the knowledge transfer of USGAAP and support with the introduction of IFRS in the group working closely with external auditors.
  • Operation and management of financial accounting system and the data generated from multiple sales and inventory management systems.
  • Adherence to U.S. accounting policies, operation of procedures & workflows
  • Preparation and reporting of various accounting documents, coordination with each company and business unit (speeding up the closing of accounts and promoting business flow).
  • Introduction of workflows for purchases and expenses to start operating hard closures and improve accuracy and efficiency of the closing schedule.
  • Worked on the operation of the group accounting system and collaborated with the planning department to improve and streamline business processes.
  • Guidance and training of accounting staff.
  • Oversight of cash flow management and participate in a project to reduce cash for non-cash use and a project to study contactless payment methods.
  • Linkage with accounting systems due to changes in business systems
  • Compliance-related tasks (knowledge and practical experience in internal control, risk assessment, etc.).
  • Accompanying the Planning Department Manager, provide performance reports and financial training to each site manager.
  • Support monthly analysis of expenses to find key points as part of a cost reduction project.
  • Scrutinizes financial data and works with the planning department to help make management decisions for each company.
  • GAAP Reconciliation and Reporting of Fixed, Rental and Lease Assets.
  • Analyze the financial impact of new transactions and products and provide advice and approval in order to identify possible financial and corporate risks.


  • 非連結および連結の決算業務および課税、監査人の取り扱い、税効果会計を含む、月次、四半期および年次の決算業務を担当します。
  • 会計の観点から日米の経営陣に適切な情報や提案を提供する。
  • 経理部門の決算プロセスを高精度で簡素化およびスピードアップし、各ブランドの分析およびアドバイザリーサービスに焦点を当てる変革を強化します。
  • 四半期末および会計年度末の連結​​財務諸表の作成において、連結に固有の実務上の手続き(例えば、グループ内取引の消去、売掛金および買掛金の相殺、投資および資本の消去など)使用されています。
  • USGAAPの知識移転を主導し、外部監査人と緊密に連携するグループにIFRSを導入してサポートします。
  • 財務会計システムの運用と管理、および複数の販売および在庫管理システムから生成されたデータ。
  • 米国の会計方針の順守、手順とワークフローの運用
  • 各種会計書類の作成・報告、各社・事業部との連携(決算の迅速化、業務の流れの促進)。
  • ハードクロージャの運用を開始し、クロージングスケジュールの精度と効率を向上させるための購入と費用のワークフローの導入。
  • グループ会計システムの運用に取り組み、企画部門と連携して業務プロセスの改善・合理化を図りました。
  • 経理スタッフの指導・研修。
  • キャッシュフロー管理を監督し、非現金使用のための現金を削減するプロジェクトおよび非接触型決済方法を研究するプロジェクトに参加します。
  • 事業体制の変化による会計制度との連携
  • コンプライアンス関連のタスク(内部統制、リスク評価などの知識と実務経験)。
  • 企画部長に同行し、各サイト管理者に業績報告と財務研修を提供します。
  • コスト削減プロジェクトの一環として、毎月の経費分析をサポートし、重要なポイントを見つけます。
  • 財務データを精査し、計画部門と協力して、各企業の経営上の意思決定を支援します。
  • GAAP調整および固定資産、賃貸資産、およびリース資産の報告。
  • 新しい取引や製品の財務上の影響を分析し、財務上および企業上のリスクの可能性を特定するためのアドバイスと承認を提供します。



  • Experience in accounting under US-GAAP, J-GAAP or IFRS, knowledge and experience in GAAP reconciliation to US-GAAP (fixed assets, lease accounting).
  • At least 5 years of experience in closing accounts
  • Experience in accounting in a U.S. company/multinational company.
  • JCPA certification (preferred), USCPA pass/qualification (plus).
  • Experience working for an accounting firm (preferred).
  • Experience in accounting at a business company.
  • Knowledge and experience in US-SOX, J-SOX.  OBIC7 experience (preferred).
  • MS Office (Word beginner, PowerPoint intermediate) - MS Office (Intermediate level or above in Excel (Experience in using vlookup, pivot tables, IF functions, etc. to improve business efficiency by using excel spreadsheet.)


  • US-GAAP、J-GAAP、またはIFRSに基づく会計の経験、US-GAAPへのGAAP調整に関する知識と経験(固定資産、リース会計)。
  • アカウントの閉鎖に5年以上の経験
  • 米国企業/多国籍企業での会計経験。
  • JCPA認定(推奨)、USCPAパス/資格(プラス)。
  • 会計事務所での実務経験(推奨)。
  • 事業会社での経理の経験。
  • US-SOX、J-SOXに関する知識と経験。 OBIC7の経験(推奨)。
  • MS Office(Word初心者、PowerPoint中級)-MS Office(Excelの中級以上(Excelスプレッドシートを使用してビジネス効率を向上させるためのvlookup、ピボットテーブル、IF関数などの使用経験)



* Please be advised that if you do not currently reside or have permission to work in the Japan region, we reserve the right not to proceed.

** Please also be advised that if you clearly do not meet the requirements of the position, we reserve the right not to proceed although consultants will always endeavor to consider your profile for other positions.


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