Job title: CX Designer
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Automotive Vehicle Manufacturers (OEMs)
Salary from: JPY ¥6,000,000
Salary to: JPY ¥10,000,000
Location: 日本本社 | 東京23区 (Tokyo)
Job published: 2022-01-22
Job ID: 33771

Job Description


Become part of a luxury European automaker as they pave the way for the automotive industry to move into digital and electric age. With plans underway to shake up the industry, this is the ideal time to join one of the top automotive teams in Japan.

自動車産業がデジタルおよび電気の時代に移行する道を開く中、ヨーロッパの高級自動車メーカーの一員になりましょう。 業界を揺るがす計画が進行中であり、今が日本でトップの自動車チームの1つに加わる理想的な時期です。



  • Work with the Manager for Digital Strategy and Customer Experience align on UI/UX strategies and concepts
  • Pursue pixel-level precision for all outputs
  • Product graphic concept and guideline setting
  • In the agile development process, communicate closely with external agencies and finish the visual micro-interaction as an implementation.
  • Planning and execution of user research to dig up user insights
  • Creation of personas, customer journey maps, etc. based on the obtained insights
  • Value proposition setting of new services/functions, service design, product information design
  • Responsible for the realization of the ideal user experience in the agile development team and promote the project by involving the team and stakeholders.
  • Planning and execution of user tests for implementations and prototypes


  • マネージャーと協力してデジタル戦略とカスタマーエクスペリエンスを調整し、UI/UXの戦略と概念を調整する
  • すべての出力のピクセルレベルの精度を追求する
  • 製品のグラフィックコンセプトとガイドライン設定
  • アジャイル開発プロセスでは、外部機関と緊密に連絡を取り、実装として視覚的なマイクロインタラクションを完了する
  • ユーザーの洞察を掘り下げるためのユーザー調査の計画と実行
  • 得られた洞察に基づいたペルソナ、カスタマージャーニーマップなどの作成
  • 新しいサービス/機能の価値提案設定、サービス設計、製品情報設計
  • アジャイル開発チームでの理想的なユーザーエクスペリエンスの実現に責任を持ち、チームと利害関係者を巻き込んでプロジェクトを推進する。
  • 実装とプロトタイプのユーザーテストの計画と実行



  • Bachelor degree or previous experience in a related UI/UX implementation area
  • Experience in development, implementation and improvement of digital products using agile methodology
  • General knowledge of internal systems, including customer databases, and a problem-solving attitude
  • Must be able to coordinate and implement in English (not necessarily fluent, but must be able to correctly communicate and explain data collaboration and digital design


Attractive Points

  • Strong internal team culture
  • Competitively high salaries against market average
  • Highly stable work environment
  • Some direction from global HQ but mostly locally driven


* Please be advised that if you do not currently reside or have permission to work in the Japan region, we reserve the right not to proceed.

** Please also be advised that if you clearly do not meet the requirements of the position, we reserve the right not to proceed although consultants will always endeavor to consider your profile for other positions.


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