Job title: Automotive Finance Marketing Manager |自動車金融マーケティングマネージャー
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Financial Services
Expertise: Financial Services Marketing
Salary from: JPY ¥8,000,000
Salary to: JPY ¥12,000,000
Location: 日本本社 | 東京23区 (Tokyo)
Job published: 2022-01-11
Job ID: 33762

Job Description



Join the financial team of a luxury European brand as they pave their way into the future of the automotive industry. Lead the marketing team in communication and strategy development to drive the growth of the brand.

ヨーロッパの高級ブランドのファイナンスチームに加わり、自動車業界の未来への道を切り開いててください。 ブランドの成長を促進するため、コミュニケーションと戦略開発でマーケティングチームを主導します。


  • Manage internal and external communication to ensure consistent message distribution
  • Map out the competitive landscape for products and pricing to align marketing strategies and manage customer relations
  • Bridge between the National Sales Company and headquarters to advance the customer’s digital interface
  • Ensure marketing activities fulfill local regulations
  • Develop web management and growth strategies to maximize opportunities for future growth
  • Responsible for retention, including strategy and implementation of data
  • Manage card business and benefits updates as a part of the profit pillar
  • Manage Non-operational customer touchpoints, especially minimizing car returns from RV guaranteed products


  • 一貫したメッセージ配信を確保するため、内部および外部の通信を管理する
  • 製品と価格設定の競争環境を計画し、マーケティング戦略を調整また顧客関係を管理する
  • 顧客のデジタルインターフェースを推進し、本社と国内セールス部門間を橋渡しする
  • マーケティング活動が国内の規制を満たしていることを確認する
  • ウェブ管理と成長戦略を開発し成長の機会を最大化する
  • データ保持に責任を持つ
  • 利益の柱であるカードビジネスと特典の更新を管理する
  • 運用されていない顧客接点を管理する



  • Willingness and drive to challenge new things
  • Strong communication skills and ability to liaise between internal and external stakeholders
  • Can create, evaluate, and implement business plans
  • Understands the principles and practices of market research, as well as customer needs
  • Managerial experience and ability to lead a diverse team through various topics
  • Business level English
  • Advanced Excel, Word, PowerPoint skills


* Please be advised that if you do not currently reside or have permission to work in the Japan region, we reserve the right not to proceed.

** Please also be advised that if you clearly do not meet the requirements of the position, we reserve the right not to proceed although consultants will always endeavor to consider your profile for other positions.


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