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Company: 外資大手スポーツメーカー


Responsible for undertaking accounting responsibilities, this is a unique opportunity to join one of America's and the world's leading snowsports companies!



■ Duties

・ Checking/input/transfer of expense reports

・Checking, inputting, and processing bank transfer documents

・ Issuing and inputting transfer slips

・ Creation of transfer data in Web Banking

・ Fixed assets and lease asset ledger management

・ Account settlement assistance work

・ Withholding tax, consumption tax, stamp tax, and other tax payment procedures

・ Voucher drafting/matching and reconciliation input

・ Other accounting work



■ Qualifications and experience

・ 5 years or more of accounting work experience (accounting work) is required.

・ Practical experience of SAP FI

・ Excel intermediate level (IF, VLOOK function, pivot table, etc.)

・ Nissho Bookkeeping Level 2 or above Required

・Experience in English accounting preferred

・ English (TOEIC 730 or higher) required

・ People who are bright, proactive and responsible, and who can work as a team rather than individually


Attractive Points

Foreign capital company / 外資系企業, Make use of languages / 英語・中国語など語学を活かす, Global Mobility / 海外転勤あり, No relocation / 転勤なし

案件種類: Permanent
雇用形態: Full-time
給与: 交渉可



Company: 外資ブランド二輪完成車メーカー 


Join one of the most famous motorcycle OEMs and support them in many exciting projects in the finance area.



• Responsible for accounts receivables and payables

• Posting and organization of incoming and outgoing payment transactions

• Clearing/ Tracking of payments – sending out financial statements

• Direct contract with customers (dealers) for financial information exchange

• Account maintenance

• Preparation of business analyses and evaluations

• Collaboration on monthly and annual financial statements

• Payroll/timesheets coordination

• Bank transfers & cashier

• Processing of special topics in accounting

• Support invoicing / data entry

• Coordination with Headquarter Accounting & Finance

• Coordination with external accounting/auditing

• Office administration tasks like office material purchasing, external maintenance coordination

• Assisting managers for external/internal meeting/reservation arrangements; answered phone calls/emails; greeting visitors

• All other duties and responsibilities that are reasonably assigned by the employer or its designee



• Completed commercial training (university degree and/or equivalent certification)

• First relevant work experience is advantageous

• Good knowledge of MS Office, especially Excel, as well as first experience with SAP desirable

• Good written and spoken English skills

• Strong numerical skills, ability to work in a team as well as an accurate way of working

所在地: 日本本社 | 東京23区 (Tokyo)
案件種類: Permanent
雇用形態: Full-time
最低給与: JPY ¥5,000,000
最高給与: JPY ¥7,000,000



Company: 外資ブランド完成車メーカー 


The Business Controller oversees the business and financial operations of the company and shares responsibility for the organization’s economic and financial performance with performing financial analysis,

developing financial planning processes, and designing/implementation of overall business plans with CFO.

Business Controller works as partner with the accounting department along with all other departments. (both wholesale and retail), working directly with the Chief Financial Officer, and play a key role in supporting them.

Also responsible for proactively making suggestion of the improvements and no hesitation for making changes.



-Advise Financial and Executive Departments

The Business Controller serves as an adviser for both a company’s financial department and business leadership. This position uses their research, analysis and experience to develop business and financial recommendations,

provide budget feedback, and assist leadership in key financial decisions, meaning that they play an important role in the company’s economic growth.


-Advise on Budget and Rolling Forecast Creation

Working with the finance department, the Business Controller uses financial analysis and forecasting to design and oversee the execution of the company budget.

Following standard accounting procedures, the Business Controller ensures that the budget is properly administered and follows legal guidelines, and they provide budget feedback.


-Perform Financial Analysis

The Business Controller completes regular financial analysis, identifying and managing financial risk, completing financial research,

performing economic and sales forecasting, analyzing a company’s sales and overall performance, and managing financial data. This financial analysis comes together to assist the company in decision-making.


-Report Financial Findings

After completing financial analysis, the Business Controller is responsible for reporting findings and working with financial partners to support financial decisions.

This can involve completing regular financial reviews and delivering accurate financial reports, executing sales reports and developing and giving presentations. Also any internal control initiative involves PL account will be responsible for this position.



• Proactive, Agile and Prioritization workstyle

• Proven working experience as a Business Controller or Financial Controller

• 7+ years of overall combined accounting and finance analysis experience

• CPA or CMA preferred

• Solid knowledge of accounting principles and procedures

• Excellent accounting software user and administration skills

• Good communication skill with cost center responsible.

• Business English

• SAP/Hyperion experiences a plus


Attractive Points

Foreign capital company / 外資系企業, Make use of languages / 英語・中国語など語学を活かす, Global Mobility / 海外転勤あり, No relocation / 転勤なし, Mid-career more than half / 中途入社50%以上

所在地: 日本本社 | 東京23区 (Tokyo)
案件種類: Permanent
雇用形態: Full-time
最低給与: JPY ¥6,000,000
最高給与: JPY ¥12,000,000


Join one of the most famous automotive dealer groups in Japan as Accounting Manager or Assistant Manager (depending on experience) to support the operation of several of their individual companies as well as the adjusting financial results to US-GAAP and IFRS compliance to report to global HQ.

Reporting to the GM and Deputy GM of the Accounting Department and involved with communicating with Global in English the role will help deepen your career in accounting and finance on a global basis.

You would be working in an environment requiring both fluency in Japanese and English to ensure smooth communication with accounting and tax teams in the US and the internal auditing team in Australia.



  • Responsible for monthly, quarterly and annual closing operations, including non-consolidated and consolidated closing operations and taxation, handling auditors and tax effect accounting.
  • Providing appropriate information and proposals to Japanese and U.S. management from an accounting perspective.
  • To simplify and speed up the accounting department's closing process with high accuracy, so that enhance transformation to focus on analysis and advisory services to each brand.
  • In preparing the consolidated financial statements at the end of the quarter and the end of the fiscal year, practical procedures specific to consolidation (e.g., elimination of intra-group transactions, offsetting of receivables and payables, elimination of investments and equity, etc.) are used.
  • Lead the knowledge transfer of USGAAP and support with the introduction of IFRS in the group working closely with external auditors.
  • Operation and management of financial accounting system and the data generated from multiple sales and inventory management systems.
  • Adherence to U.S. accounting policies, operation of procedures & workflows
  • Preparation and reporting of various accounting documents, coordination with each company and business unit (speeding up the closing of accounts and promoting business flow).
  • Introduction of workflows for purchases and expenses to start operating hard closures and improve accuracy and efficiency of the closing schedule.
  • Worked on the operation of the group accounting system and collaborated with the planning department to improve and streamline business processes.
  • Guidance and training of accounting staff.
  • Oversight of cash flow management and participate in a project to reduce cash for non-cash use and a project to study contactless payment methods.
  • Linkage with accounting systems due to changes in business systems
  • Compliance-related tasks (knowledge and practical experience in internal control, risk assessment, etc.).
  • Accompanying the Planning Department Manager, provide performance reports and financial training to each site manager.
  • Support monthly analysis of expenses to find key points as part of a cost reduction project.
  • Scrutinizes financial data and works with the planning department to help make management decisions for each company.
  • GAAP Reconciliation and Reporting of Fixed, Rental and Lease Assets.
  • Analyze the financial impact of new transactions and products and provide advice and approval in order to identify possible financial and corporate risks.


  • Experience in accounting under US-GAAP, J-GAAP or IFRS, knowledge and experience in GAAP reconciliation to US-GAAP (fixed assets, lease accounting).
  • At least 5 years of experience in closing accounts
  • Experience in accounting in a U.S. company/multinational company.
  • JCPA certification (preferred), USCPA pass/qualification (plus).
  • Experience working for an accounting firm (preferred).
  • Experience in accounting at a business company.
  • Knowledge and experience in US-SOX, J-SOX. OBIC7 experience (preferred).
  • MS Office (Word beginner, PowerPoint intermediate) - MS Office (Intermediate level or above in Excel (Experience in using vlookup, pivot tables, IF functions, etc. to improve business efficiency by using excel spreadsheet.)

General Information:

  • 雇用形態 :正社員
  • 勤務地 :川崎本社(神奈川県川崎市幸区戸手 2-5-7
  • 車通勤可否 :可(条件付き許可)
  • 賃金形態 :月給制
  • 手当 :なし   固定残業代 :なし   
  • 通勤手当 :月額 10 万円まで実費支給
  • 定期昇給 :年 1
  • 賞与 :年 2
  • 試用期間 6 ヶ月(条件に変更なし)
  • 就業時間 9:0018:00
  • 休日 :週休二日制(土日)年間休日数 118
  • その他休暇 GW 休暇、夏季休暇、年末年始休暇(各 9 日間)
  • 有給休暇 6 ヶ月勤務後に 10 日(最大 20 日まで)
  • 福利厚生 :財形貯蓄、保養所利用、退職金(5 年以上勤続者が対象)
  • 車両購入優遇制度、選択型確定拠出年金(DC
  • 住宅補助 :なし  家族手当 :なし
  • 社会保険 :健康保険、厚生年金、労災保険、雇用保険
  • 定年制 :有り(60 歳)再雇用制度 :有り(65 歳まで)
  • 選考方法 Web 適性&一次面接(人事)→二次面接(部門)→三次面接(社長


所在地: 日本本社 | 横浜 (Yokohama)
案件種類: Permanent
雇用形態: Full-time
最低給与: JPY ¥6,000,000
最高給与: JPY ¥9,000,000